When you’re a Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassador, you get the chance
to help your school and community by setting a great example.
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Become a Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassador!

Being a Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassador means leading healthy changes in your school and encouraging others to stay healthy and active! You’ll also get chances to participate in awesome events, meet NFL players, get interviewed by reporters, and win sweet prizes!

Want to join us? Learn more about the different Levels and becoming an Ambassador on the Resources page.

Meet our State Ambassadors!

Meet our 2014-2015 State Ambassadors!

    • Jacob, AL
    • Austin, AR
    • Cole, AZ
    • Eveline, AZ
    • Roderick, CO
    • Tyler, CO
    • Evanna, CT
    • Bryan, FL
    • Maya, FL
    • Nicole, FL
    • Elijah, GA
    • Gage, IA
    • Tayann, ID
    • Evelyn, ID
    • Griffin, IL
    • Rylie, IN
    • Piper, KS
    • Abigail, KY
    • McKenzie, KY
    • Lauryn, LA
    • Tyler, MA
    • Ryan, MD
    • Madison, ME
    • Faith, MI
    • Taylor, MN
    • Alaina, MO
    • Kimberly, MS
    • Alyssa, MT
    • Drew, MT
    • Anna, NC
    • Madison, ND
    • Rachel, NE
    • Abigail, NH
    • Jake, NJ
    • Nadya, NJ
    • Rachel, NJ
    • Troy, NJ
    • Christian, NY
    • Ericka, NY
    • Jailene, NY
    • Jarod, NY
    • Avery, OH
    • Johnathon, OH
    • Remington, OK
    • Ethan, PA
    • Jonathon, PA
    • Hannah, RI
    • Alice, SC
    • Alexis, SD
    • Samantha, TN
    • Eric, TX
    • Tiara, TX
    • Eliza, UT
    • Nicholas, VA
    • Shea, VA
    • Andrew, WI
    • Rebekah, WV
    • Trenton, WV
    • Brad, WY

Meet our 2015-2016 State Ambassadors!

    • Paisley, AL
    • Mariana, AR
    • Alyssa, AZ
    • Ava, AZ
    • Grant, AZ
    • Mariah, AZ
    • Megan, AZ
    • Sabrina, AZ
    • Samie, AZ
    • Zhela, AZ
    • Brielle, CA
    • Denise, CA
    • James, CA
    • Elise, CO
    • Ryan, CO
    • William, CT
    • Jack (Kenneth), DE
    • Amaruis, FL
    • Phoebe, GA
    • Addie, IA
    • Blake, ID
    • Dylan, ID
    • John, IL
    • Troy, IL
    • Jamie, IN
    • Maria, KS
    • Aidan, KY
    • Alyssa, LA
    • Kaden, MA
    • Jamiar, MD
    • Kylie, MD
    • Makayla, MD
    • Wisdom, MD
    • Rory, ME
    • Lenah, MI
    • Samira, MN
    • Lanie, MO
    • JD, MS
    • Caitlyn, MT
    • Treyton, MT
    • Phyllis, NC
    • Alexah, ND
    • Lane, NE
    • Austin, NH
    • Amaris, NJ
    • Anirudh, NJ
    • Saniya, NJ
    • Daniel, NY
    • Akeem, NY
    • Joey, NY
    • Stephen, OH
    • Emily, OK
    • Katie, PA
    • Mya, PA
    • Layla, RI
    • Emery, SC
    • Alexia, SD
    • Cristina, TN
    • Cody, TX
    • Casy, UT
    • Kaylee, UT
    • Brody, VA
    • Parker, VT
    • Sydney, WA
    • Steven, WI
    • Jillian, WV
    • Mariah, WY

Meet our 2015-2016 National Ambassadors!

7th Grade
New Hampshire

About: Abby loves physical education because it is active, fun, healthy, relaxing, exciting, and so much more. Abby enjoys singing, being dramatic, running, and making people laugh. Abby likes Fuel Up to Play 60 because it creates new opportunities and takes student opinions into account. “I used to be afraid that I could not make a change, a difference, and opportunities for both myself and my community. Now I know I can do anything!”

7th Grade

About: Bobby was a 2013-2014 Fuel Up to Play 60 State Ambassador and attended the Student Ambassador Summit in 2013. Since attending the Summit, Bobby has continued to grow the program at schools in his area, been an active member of the Fuel Up to Play 60 Youth Advisory Panel, and was named NFL Play 60 Super Kid in 2015. “Everyone has something to offer and I want to make everyone feel like they have a chance being on a team. When you have positive attitude towards others, positive things will happen.”

6th Grade

About: Roddy participates in many activities after school including skiing, baseball, tennis, soccer, track, FLAG football, basketball, hiking, and dancing. He is also an excellent student and enjoys racing Soap Box Derby Cars. Roddy realized that his class was suffering because they couldn’t concentrate during school, so he used Fuel Up to Play 60 to help them get up and moving during class to help keep them excited about school and healthy in general. “Going between 9 different sports really helps me stay really active every day of the year. I am a leader in my school because I have inspired kids to do what is best with their life.”

7th Grade

About: Rowan is an enthusiastic student who participates in a variety of activities in her school, including Chorus, Wellness Team, and Student Council. After joining Fuel Up to Play 60, Rowan found she loved helping others and used that to connect with her peers. Her accomplishments with Fuel Up to Play 60 in her school include leading a Breakfast Tailgate and raising money for the American Heart Association. “At the beginning of the school year, I was very antisocial and didn’t like going outside. Now, I’m really outgoing and I am almost outside every second of the day.”