When you’re a Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassador, you get the chance
to help your school and community by setting a great example.
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Help lead the way

By acting as a leader, others will look up to you as you help organize events and encourage others to stay healthy. You’ll also get to participate in awesome events like meeting NFL players, getting interviewed by reporters and winning sweet prizes!

Learn about the different Levels and becoming an Ambassador on the
Resources page.

Meet Our Leaders

Rachel B.
National Ambassador from Iowa

“I want to be a leader because I enjoy taking charge and I am not afraid to say my opinion.”

Tony M.
National Ambassador from Florida

“I want to be a leader so that I can help kids eat healthy and be active.”

Robbie S.
National Ambassador from Arkansas

“I like helping people realize it’s important to be the the best they can be, and not the best in their school.”

Rachel O.
National Ambassador from Missouri

“I want to be a leader so that I can help get more people to eat healthy and stay active.”

Shauna G.
National Ambassador from Illinois

“I want to encourage other people to exercise and eat healthy so they can live happily and healthy.”